Sign Winner

The winner of the sign giveaway is: Rachel says: I want it to say: My family’s last name, then smaller to say Est. 2008.   Rachel I’ve sent you an email – be sure to respond to claim your prize!


I’ve been avoiding writing this post because I don’t want to admit to myself that I am not keeping up with my life lately. True story. Due to my hectic life right now, I’m taking a blogging break until 2012. Sounds so far away, but it’s really only 3 weeks! Starting in January I’ll be … Continue reading


Almost every Saturday I pick up a basket of produce – half fruit and half vegetable – from a co-op. I bring it home and make a list of what produce I have already in my house a list of what I received that day. Then I make my menu based off these items. This … Continue reading

Friday Financial: Budgeting part 1

Welcome to the 6th installment in our financial discussion. If you’re just joining us, be sure to check out one (Values), two (Financial Goals), three, four (factors affecting finances) and five (Net Worth). Budgeting… this word can strike fear in some, while others tend to find it stressful. While some still find it empowering. So what is it about budgeting that can inspire … Continue reading


Welcome to the Frugal Family Table. My name is Crystal and I decided to start this blog after buying our first house. Seems like an odd time to decide to start a blog, right? Perhaps… The driving reason I wanted to start this blog was to share money saving tips with you as well as … Continue reading