Happiness is not having everything you want. It is enjoying what you have. Enjoying the small moments that make every day worth living. Something as simple as watching the sun setting on a partially cloudy evening can be a wonderful way to spend a few moments. For me, it helps relax me and makes me … Continue reading


My husband and I sometimes like to take drives… although not as inexpensive as it use to be, it is still a fairly inexpensive activity. For the price of gas it gives us a chance to talk, see beautiful sights… Oh and get out of the house. While I realize that this isn’t feasible for … Continue reading

Hobbies: Nature

Aroboretum Spring

My husband went to graduate school at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. We both grew up in the west, so mountains were everywhere. Living without them was an adjustment, and I’d have to say we did not like it a lot to begin with. However, we soon discovered all the wonderful nature areas that were to … Continue reading

Flowers, to buy or not?

While I was in college I had a friend who worked at a flower distributor, and shortly after getting married I had a friend who had worked in a florist shop. They both told me that buying flowers on Valentine’s was a bad idea… basically the quality is not great -most die super fast. Also … Continue reading

Hobbies: Birds

My husband and I enjoy spending time together and we enjoy doing things that do not require a lot of money… One of the things we enjoy is birdwatching. Don’t get me wrong, Birdwatching CAN cost a lot of money if you chose to get all the fancy equipment that is available. However, armed with … Continue reading