Today I’m giving away a hand-painted sign… The base color is black, but you get to choose the words that go onto it!

Looks pretty boring right? But the possibilities are endless!

Choose a small saying or even your families name to put on this sign and maybe a design or two. The dimension of this is 5 inches tall by almost 19 inches long.  (Yes, I did just enter text in photoshop to the sign… it’s pretty boring and I’d most likely add some small graphic to the top and possibly bottom.)

To enter this contest leave a comment telling me what you would want on this sign. Or if you have a link of what you’d want it to look like, that would be great too!
*Contest open to everyone – Family, Friends, Followers, Complete Strangers, etc.
*One entry per person.
*Winner will be announced in 4 days – on Sat. Dec 10.
*Winner will be selected by
3 Responses to “Giveaway!”
  1. Rachel says:

    I want it to say: My family’s last name, then smaller to say Est. 2008.

  2. I’d want it to say “Welcome To Our Cabin” like this one

    It just makes you feel cozy reading it 🙂

  3. Leah says:

    I want it to say, “i’ll always keep falling in love with you.”

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