Frugal Cooking: Potato & Ham Soup

Ever have memories randomly pop up when you’re thinking about a particular subject? I just did. I am about to share a recipe with you that my husband and I LOVE. I use left over ham in it, which leads me to thinking about the first time I cooked a ham after we were married… (Have you guessed this is not a ‘Betty Crocker’ story?) We had a TINY kitchen. Basically it was a wall in our living area – this wall had everything… sinks, oven (gas) and fridge, with two VERY small counter space areas on either side of the sink. I typically kept our very large plastic cutting board in various places (mainly on top of the stove until I needed to use it.) Enter cooking the ham for 3.5 hours, and a funny smell starting to come from the kitchen. I had left the corner of the cutting board over the vent to the oven… So what I had was melted plastic over the stove, and down the back of the oven. (Luckily the ham still tasted okay!) I still have the cutting board with the roundedish corner. It goes no where near my stove-top!

I love soups in the fall and winter. When I make this soup, I almost always use left over ham – after I cook the ham and we have it for dinner (one or two nights), I typically cut all the rest of it into cubes and freeze it. I pull out some frozen ham cubes when I make this. (I actually priced this with store bought cubed ham and it was pretty inexpensive per serving. But it would be a bit more now as cheese prices have gone up in the past 5 years!)

Ham Potato & Cheddar Soup

I hope you enjoy this tasty soup as much as my family and I!

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