I love taking photos, of pretty much everything. I also love to edit photos. It is fun to see the differences you can make simply by taking a photo and tweaking MANY different aspects of it.

There are many different ways you can see the world through a camera lens. It is also a simple way to spend some free time. The only cost is the cost of the camera. My husband and I bought an advanced point and shoot shortly after graduation (DSLR’s were still over 1,000 at the time.) It died earlier this year and so I am able to calculate the total cost per use and it was $0.023 per use (roughly). 2 cents per picture taken… Not a bad number – and the camera was still ‘working’ – the button just was broken beyond what we could fix. (To get to the button of the camera it required taking apart the whole inside – and I’m not good at repairing small digital devises.)

So for now I’m working with a simple digital point and shoot camera until we have enough money to buy an SLR. I figure I take enough photos to make the cost worth it (plus some are now just about a hundred dollars more than our previous camera!) I still need to do my research to find which one(s) are the best. But for now our current camera is functioning moderately well and it’s roughly estimated cost per use is $0.05.

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