Hobbies: Nature

My husband went to graduate school at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. We both grew up in the west, so mountains were everywhere. Living without them was an adjustment, and I’d have to say we did not like it a lot to begin with.

However, we soon discovered all the wonderful nature areas that were to be found (actually we didn’t discover all of them… just a few and that was enough for us!) We particularly liked the UW Arboretum. It had so many different areas where the plant life varied a lot that it was perfect for our birding hobby. We also just enjoyed seeing the various plants and trees.

On one outing the the Arboretum we took a path less traveled and happened upon this spot:

Aroboretum SpringThis was the start to a spring (pretty sure but not completely). It was absolutely gorgeous – the picture does not do it justice!

Enjoy nature and natural areas. Find those in your area that are free, go often. I try to remind myself to do that as well.

What is your favorite thing/part of nature?

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