Frugal Buying: Meat

I have started doing my grocery shopping on Saturdays. I’ll be talking about that in a different post. A little over a week ago, I went after we put our son to bed (I usually shop before then as I don’t like late night shopping.) This turned out to be a profitable shopping trip for me. I found that the local grocery store put their marked down meat out that night. I found quite a few great cuts for a great price. Here’s the meat I bought on the 1st. I bought some steak, chicken thighs and drumsticks (with bones and skin as I plan on making soup with it), skinless chicken thighs and pork loin chops. These are now in my freezer just waiting to be used!

If you can figure out when your local stores mark down their meat for quick sale (usually labeled “Quick Sale” or “Manager’s Special”) then you can save a lot on meat and occasionally get a cut that is more than you would normally spend. When my husband and I were in college (undergraduate) I would start shopping at 8am in the morning because that is when I could find their markdowns.

Some advise – be sure to either use it or freeze it by the sell-by date. Never buy outdated meat – it is not a savings if you have to throw it all away! Also – keep a list of what you have and when you froze it so it won’t be forgotten.

Do you have any advise for buying meat on a budget? Let’s hear your tips!

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