Flowers, to buy or not?

While I was in college I had a friend who worked at a flower distributor, and shortly after getting married I had a friend who had worked in a florist shop. They both told me that buying flowers on Valentine’s was a bad idea… basically the quality is not great -most die super fast. Also because there is such a high demand for flowers, they use flowers that they normally wouldn’t (inferior, damaged) to keep up with the demand.

After learning these facts, I told my husband that the only time I want cut flowers (he can buy me live ones in a pot any time he wishes) is when our babies are born. True to this, when our son was born, I got flowers.

However, my husband has bought me a potted plant (the same type of flower that was in my wedding boquet – how sweet is that !).

The other way my husband has given me flowers is by taking pictures of them. After we got our digital camera (1.5 years after being married – year 2007) he would take a lot of photos of flowers. The best thing about these is that the flower stayed alive AND I get to look at them whenever I want to! (I also get to edit them now that I’m into photo editing – double bonus!)

What is your opinion on buying flowers?

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