Frugal Cooking: Celery Pesto

There are some vegetable that I don’t eat all of… for example – celery (it happens to be on my mind since I’m sharing it today). Celery has the ends which get cut off and the leaves which up until now I’ve just discarded without thinking twice about! Then I came across the idea for celery pesto (don’t remember where…) and shoved it aside for a while. Later when I actually had two things of celery that both had lots of leaves, I decided to explore making celery pesto. Turned out to be a great decision – celery pesto is going to be happening in our house now!

It is super easy and I’m going to show you how to make something delicious with a ‘throw-away’ part of a vegetable!

Celery Pesto

You’ll need these ingredients, no more, no less…

Next, you’ll puree it – using a blender or food processor.

And, you have celery pesto. I served this over pasta. I’m also going to try it as a pizza sauce.

What ‘throw away’ parts of food do you use (and how – please share!)?

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