Welcome to the Frugal Family Table. My name is Crystal and I decided to start this blog after buying our first house. Seems like an odd time to decide to start a blog, right? Perhaps…

The driving reason I wanted to start this blog was to share money saving tips with you as well as financial advice. This comes mainly due to the fact that while buying our house I found out that my husband and I have great credit (in our late 20’s). Of course this is after college, grad school and 2 years of both of us only working part time in the, well, crappy economy. I figured that if we could have great credit after all that, so can anybody. It is just knowing how, and hopefully that is what I will share with you.

The Frugal Family Table implies that I will be sharing recipes with you – and yes, I will. I will also be sharing craft ideas as well as various other tidbits. I feel that a table is a hub of activity in a house, it is also used for more than just meals. It is where games are played, homework is done, projects are made and sometimes where finances are done (not in my house as I don’t have a laptop, so all my finances are done at my computer desk.)

This is my family table and it is available 24/7. Just pull up a chair and let’s enjoy spending time together.

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